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I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVED creating my baby registries! I loved looking at all the new baby gadgets and deciding what we really needed and what we really wanted. Babylist was my favorite way to create them because you can add items from all over the web! Think Target, Etsy, Amazon, all in one easy to use registry. SOLD! (No, I’m not affiliated with Babylist, just a fan haha!)

After a little Googling, I realized it would be super easy to show you how to add photography to your Babylist registry so that you can ask friends and family to contribute to the one gift that will outlast that first year!

gift certificate for photography with Kylie Bree Photography

Step One

First you’ll need to create a registry on or from the app on your phone.

Step Two

Once you have that all set up, on the desktop version you’ll want to install the Babylist button, go to this link, and click on your “add to Babylist” button.

On the app you’ll click on the “add item” button. In the search box where you can enter any URL, you’ll want to put this link.

Step Three

There will be a “note for friends and family” section that you should put what photography session type you’re hoping to use their registry contribution towards so they have an idea how much to gift you. I have a list of my session prices on the gift certificate order page.

That’s it, super easy, huh!?

WHY you want to add photography to your registry

Photography is priceless, but it doesn’t actually come without a price.

There are so many things that people spent money on at my baby showers that we ended up not using. So many things that I appreciated, but would’ve traded for something else we needed more if I could have. If my friends and family are going to spend money on something for a baby shower, I would hope that their money is well spent! And as a baby shower attendee, I want the money I spend to be on the things that are most wanted and needed. I guarantee that your friends and family would rather have their gift go towards photos that last forever than towards an outfit they’ll maybe wear once!

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