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When I tell people what I do for a living I either get oohs and aaahs of appreciation, or I get “who would want to have THAT photographed!?” I get it, you’re exposed and vulnerable and it’s hard enough to be in front of the camera for regular family photos, let alone being mostly or fully naked in front of the camera! But let me tell you, birth photography is NOT all about the moment of birth! Professional birth photographers are experts at documenting the details you barely notice, the love and support around you, and the very first moments of your baby’s life in a way that lays the whole story out for you to look back on and relive (without the pain!) So here are my top 6 reasons to hire a professional birth photographer…

Tattooed mom holding baby in hospital bed after cesarean birth at Avista hospital in Colorado


I’m a firm believer that you’ll only regret the photos you don’t take, and the birth day of your baby is absolutely at the top of that list. You can’t recreate the day or the memories, so it’s important to document it! You can always delete a photo you don’t love later, but you can’t get the chance back once you’ve missed it!

Birth partner supporting mom during labor contractions in hospital bed at Avista hospital in Colorado


Your partner’s focus should be on you and your new baby, not on trying to multitask with the camera. They absolutely should be IN the photos and fully present in the moment. Plus, looking back at photos of your partner supporting you in labor and holding your baby for the first time will make you melt every time, I promise!

Henna covered mom holding baby at a home birth water birth in Frederick Colorado


If someone asks you what has been the best day of your life, what tops that list? If you have children I can guarantee their birth day is number one. Even if you had a not so amazing birth experience, the day your child is born is life changing. Why WOULDN’T you want to document that?

Tattooed mom and home birth midwife examining baby after a home birth in Frederick Colorado


I guarantee you won’t remember every detail of the day. Between the heightened hormones and the general chaos that sometimes ensues, sometimes even thinking about how things played out just hours later can be blurry and confusing in your mind. You are so focused on being in the moment that it’s hard to see the big picture or the how the story is being laid out.

Mom roaring while pushing out her meconium covered baby at Seasons Birth Center in Colorado. Surrounded by midwives and her birth partner.


It is worth it to document your birth WELL, not on a cell phone, but by a professional that can take the challenging lighting and make magic. Plus, a professional birth photographer knows how births generally unfold and can be prepared to catch the details that your friend with a camera may not know to capture!

Mom holding her new baby in her bed at her home birth while dad and big brother touch new baby. Home birth in Longmont Colorado with midwives


You only get to meet your baby for the first time once. You only get that first look once. Your baby’s birth is a once in a lifetime event. Even if you have other kids, you only get this day with each one of them once, and each birth experience is unique.

Nurses and midwives lifting baby out of mom's belly during a cesarean at Avista hospital in Colorado.

Moral of the story, hiring a professional birth photographer will be a choice you will never regret!

If you’re ready to discuss hiring me as your birth photographer, please contact me!


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