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So, you’ve had your photo session and you now have a gallery full of awesome photos… now what!? Now it’s time for the fun stuff, ordering photo albums and print products! Do NOT let those photos die alone on your phone or on Facebook!! You need physical copies of your favorite photos so you are able to see them everyday!

Lay flat album with logo and birth photos from firestone co birth photographer Kylie Bree

Photo Albums

I honestly wish every single person I worked with would order an album of their session! By now you know that the final product from a session with me isn’t just one or two good shots of everyone cheesing the camera for you to hang on your wall or send Christmas cards with. Sure, I usually will get at least one of those “money shots” for those purposes, but the goal of a lifestyle session with me is to tell a story about you and your family. I’ve heard from so many clients that after I’ve delivered their images it’s hard for them to choose a favorite, which is a great problem to have, but it makes it hard to decide how to display them all! This is exactly why I love photo albums!

8x8 album print products Kylie Bree photography firestone CO
8×8 Album

Albums are a great way to share your photos with friends and family, and make a great gift!

8x8 album print products Kylie Bree photography - Firestone CO birth photographer
8×8 Album

The photo albums I create for my clients are made of premium quality materials and the pages lay flat so your photos aren’t distorted in the binding. They are printed on thick, heavy paper so they won’t tear or be easily damaged, and let me tell you, they just feel good in your hands! I have them bound in a textured fabric and embossed with a fitting title. The quality you get when ordering from a professional lab instead of somewhere like Walgreens or Shutterfly is unmatched. You get to choose your favorite images from your gallery and then sit back and allow me to design a storybook for your family to look back on for years to come.

8x8 album with linen cover and gift box included with birth photography packages - firestone CO
8×8 Album with the gorgeous gift box it comes in

I include a custom designed album with all of the birth stories I photograph.

8x8 albums birth story print products Kylie Bree photography - Firestone, CO
Beautiful textured covers
8x8 albums birth story print products Kylie Bree photography - birth photographer
Lay flat pages with amazing color

If you are looking for a great way to showcase all of your favorite images from your photo session, I cannot recommend an album enough!


Canvases are my favorite product to display photos on the walls of my home. They are beautifully textured and you don’t need a frame to hang them all over your walls! They come in a ton of sizes and you can get one large one, or create your own gallery wall with smaller sizes at an affordable price. The canvases I order are hand stretched and they come with the hooks to be able to hang them easily.

16x20 Canvas print product Kylie Bree Photography
16×20 Canvas print
16x24 Canvas print product Kylie Bree Photography
16×24 Canvas print

Prints and Weighted Prints

You can of course order regular prints from your gallery for things like scrapbooking, however I really prefer weighted prints! They are sturdier, they last longer, they are bend proof, and they aren’t much more expensive! You can frame them yourself, or display them on stands as is.

Weighted print products photos on stands
These are a variety of sizes ranging from 5×7 to 10×15
Weighted print product photo on stand
10×15 weighted print
Weighted print product photo on stand
Side view on a stand (stands aren’t included but you can get them on Amazon!)
Weighted print product photo on stand
5×10 Weighted Print
Weighted print product photo on stand
Side view on a different stand from Amazon

I have shared some of my favorite products with you because I know it is so important to have a physical version of your favorite photos somewhere. We never know when something horrible can happen and we lose access to our digital images on Facebook or the cloud. How sad to think of all of the amazing photos you’ve taken or you’ve paid for that just sit on your phone or desktop!!

Contact me to talk about your next order!

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