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I offer a variety of photo sessions for babies and their families. 


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"If you are looking for an experienced photographer for baby photos you won’t be disappointed. Kylie was very natural and engaging with my son. Highly recommend!"
 - Kim O

Fresh 48

Fresh 48's happen in the hospital or in your home in the first 48 hours of baby's arrival earth side (hence the name!) These photos document candid images of your baby's first feedings, first interactions with family members, and those tiny sweet baby features.

Lifestyle Newborns

Lifestyle is a type of photography that incorporates a mix of lightly directed and documentary style photos. The goal is to capture interactions and emotions between baby and the rest of the family in their natural surroundings. This usually ends up being the nursery if they have one, the living room, in your bedroom, and right in your arms. These sessions are super low key and stress free. I allow plenty of time for breaks, feedings, and meltdowns! 


Family sessions are great to have once or twice a year as your kiddos grow! It's so fun to see how much they change in just a few months. I use a lifestyle approach to documenting families, so they are mix between being lightly directed and documentary style. We can go play outside somewhere fun, go to the studio in Longmont, or I can come to you and we can photograph in your home.

All Inclusive Baby & Family Sessions

Every session includes
▶ about an hour of time photographing
▶ An online gallery where you can download all of the high resolution images


Custom payment plans available

Fresh 48 | Lifestyle Newborn | Family

Frequently  Asked Questions

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Your images are YOURS, first and foremost. I love to be able to share the beauty of babies and families, but it is not a requirement. You can decide which photos, if any, you're comfortable with me sharing once I've sent you all of your images.

Will you share my photos?

A fresh 48 session focuses mainly on baby and their tiny details in the first 48 hours. It is generally a shorter session in the hospital.
A newborn session is longer and we take time to document family interactions and baby details in a very relaxed and baby-led way. They also can be done anytime in the first few months of baby's life or homecoming.

What is the difference between a fresh 48 and a newborn session?

What background do you envision for your family photos? Do you want mountains behind you? Do you want to play in a lake or a stream? I have a handful of locations I like to go to in the general area, so we will discuss this more when you reach out!

Where will our family photos be?

It depends. If your hospital allows me into the NICU, we can take photos there. If they don't allow me in, or you'd rather wait until baby is no longer attached to NICU machines, we can wait until you bring them home. 

what happens if I book a fresh 48 but my baby ends up in the nicu?

First, I will not be judging your home. I have 6 kids, remember? I guarantee my house is messier than yours.
Second, you're documenting the place you brought your baby home to! And... you just had a baby! Your house should be cluttered with baby stuff and laundry you're neglecting in favor of baby snuggles!
The most important thing to me is that you have at least one window that gives great light. If that's in your bedroom, then do your best to declutter there. If it's in the living room, declutter around the couch a little. I will move things and declutter as needed, too. 

What if my house isn't as pretty as the ones in your photos, or it's cluttered or messy?

Absolutely! As long as your hospital allows them to visit, they can be in the photos! We'll just have to plan accordingly. If, for some reason, your kiddos are not allowed to visit, we can wait until you get home.

Can my other kids be in the fresh 48 photos?

For fresh 48's most parents just want to be comfortable! You can wear your hospital robe, or a robe or jammies you brought from home. 
For newborn photos, it's very much dependent on what you are hoping to get out of your images. If you want snuggly and comfy images in your bed, plan to wear simple, comfortable clothing. Check out the photos above for ideas! 
For family sessions, it's fairly dependent on the season and where we will be. But the most important thing is to coordinate! Check out my Pinterest board for inspiration.

What should I wear?

Fresh 48's happen in the hospital within the first 48 hours of baby being born, give or take. Just let me know when labor starts so I can be sure to clear some time in my schedule once baby is here!
If you birth at a birth center or at home, we just document at home instead!

When do fresh 48 sessions happen?

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