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Imagine being able to show your child photos of you looking gorgeous and happy while growing them inside your tummy. Imagine showing your youngest kiddo photos of their siblings adoring your belly with them inside. My kids love looking at photos of when they were in my tummy. It’s the very beginning of the story of them joining your family and gives them a glimpse of what life was like right before they were born. Pregnancy might not be your favorite part of the story, but it is a transformative and important part of the journey of motherhood, and I promise you, it is worth documenting! Let me tell you about the benefits of maternity photography.

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Remember Every Detail

Much like birth, pregnancy ends up being a fleeting memory. Whether you have a fantastic pregnancy or you are counting down the days until you can get this part over with, pregnancy is such a small moment in the timeline of your life! But it is a part of your baby’s story, just like their birth day.

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Get To Know Your Photographer

If you have decided to document your labor and birth, a big reason to consider adding a maternity session to your birth package is because it will give us a chance to get to know each other a little and build a relationship before your labor starts. It is so important to feel comfortable and confident with your birth team!

lake maternity photography. black dress pregnancy photo. water pregnant photography. longmont colorado

Customize It

Maternity sessions don’t have to be one size fits all. If you want to do a super laid back in-home session, we can do that. Or we can rent a studio and do some lifestyle photos. My favorite, personally, is an outdoor session, and there are so many options for outdoor settings! Whatever way feels right to document your pregnancy is the way we will document it!

Blue dress pregnancy photo. Rain pregnant photography. firestone colorado

Feel Good – Look Good

“But Kylie, I don’t know how to pose or what to wear, and I feel huge!” Mama I got you! I make sure to get the best, most flattering angles of you and your belly so that you love your photos! I also provide access to my client closet full of maternity dresses that are designed to flatter all body types. You can wear, or not wear, whatever you’d like during your maternity session because it is about YOU!

 Blue dress pregnancy photo. Mountain sunset pregnant photography. Couples maternity photo boulder colorado

If you are on the fence about whether you should book a maternity session, you aren’t alone. I know a lot of mamas that would rather not document the discomfort and weight gain that sometimes comes with the territory. I say it all the time, but you truly will only regret the photos you don’t take, and maternity photography is no different!

Orange dress pregnancy photo. Lake sunset pregnant photography. Family maternity photo

Check out some examples of maternity photography in Colorado

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