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Tacha and I met in her third trimester when she messaged me asking about birth photography. Her and her husband were planning to have their new baby at Season’s Birth Center in Thornton, Colorado. After having two girls, they were super excited to be having their first boy!

Belly Photos

We started with maternity photos. I HIGHLY recommend doing maternity photos! It’s important to document your belly, but it’s also a great way for us to get familiar with each other before I’m there photographing your birth story!

Fall family maternity photos
Maternity photo with older siblings

The Birth of Baby Jack

Tacha’s labor started almost a week past her due date, around 4am. After chatting back and forth a bit, and getting as much rest as she could manage, she decided to head to the birth center around 8am. Around 9:30am she messaged me “baby is coming” and I joined them about 20 minutes later!

Baby Jack had pooped in the womb during labor, which is common. Sometimes babies inhale the meconium (baby poop) on the way out, and that can cause problems. He had trouble with his oxygen levels after he was born, and the midwives decided it would be best for him to be transferred to the local NICU. Tacha also had a hard time with post-partum preeclampsia, so she also had to be transferred to the hospital. Baby spent a few days in the NICU before being sent home with a clean bill of health!

“I delivered Jack at Seasons birth center. The labor was definitely intense and super painful, but I progressed quickly. Finally Jack Memphis was born and we immediately noticed he was not breathing well and they tried to suction him out. The midwives felt it was best that me and him be transferred to the hospital, I also ended up getting post-partum preeclampsia, which was a scary experience.” – Tacha

Finally Home

When they finally got to bring baby Jack home, I was invited to come photograph the family together! What a handsome, smiley boy!

Notes From Mama

I asked Tacha to tell me about why she chose to have Jack’s birth documented. She said, “I was really excited to document our sweet son and I wanted to remember it and have some special pictures. [The first time I saw the photos] they made me super happy and emotional. I felt blessed to be able to document it. My favorite picture is of my husband holding our son for the first time and I love my pictures of all my kids with Jack. Kylie was very kind and supportive and I’m so grateful for her friendship as well, she genuinely cared.”

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