Northern Colorado Home Birth Midwife: A Safe and Empowering Alternative to Hospital Birth

Kayla Young Wildflower Midwifery Northern Colorado Midwife

Are you curious about the ins and outs of home birth? Want to know what it’s really like to have a baby at home with the guidance of a skilled and experienced midwife? 

As a hospital birth mom, I’ve always wanted to know the answers to these questions.

In this exclusive interview, I got to sit down with NoCo home birth midwife Kayla Young of Wildflower Midwifery to learn how she does everything from creating a birth plan to handling emergencies.

Midwife checking just born baby while in the arms of his mom in the white birth pool. Dad and big sister are looking on. Home birth photography Northern Colorado

Getting Started in Home Birth

Kayla started Wildflower Midwifery in January 2023. It all started in 2014 when Kayla stumbled upon and watched the Business of Being Born. “I felt a passion rise in me to help women know that they have options. They can choose the freedom of being home and eating what they want, moving where they want, having attendants they know and trust, etc. The hospital system is great for emergencies, but can be stifling when it comes to birth choices and freedoms for the average mama.”

Home Birth Care

I asked Kayla to tell me what the homebirth process looks like. She replied –

“Here is the breakdown of a typical homebirth… The initial consult is where we get to know each other and you can ask all the questions you have to learn about my practice and homebirth in general. Most clients will start care at 8 or 12 weeks. Then they come for a prenatal every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks. Then a home visit will occur at 37 weeks and you will return every week until birth!”

“After the birth, I will come to your home at day 1 and day 7 for a postpartum. Then you come back to me at week 3 and week 6.”

“I work with families to create a birth plan that is specific to their needs through communication about what they are looking for and what helps them relax. Some people love water and I would highly recommend a birth pool. Some do not like water at all. Everyone is different. Even though all women need to feel safe enough to release oxytocin and the hormone cocktail that makes birth happen, there are many options for creating that cozy cave for you to welcome your baby.”

Midwife checking just born baby while in the arms of his mom in the white birth pool. Johnstown Colorado home birth photography.

Misconceptions About Home Birth

Kayla went on to clarify a few misconceptions about home birth.

“1) The cord being around a baby’s neck is life threatening, horrible, dangerous, and means no homebirth. This simply isn’t true! 1/3 of babies can have a cord around their neck and very rarely does it negatively affect the birth.”

“2) Homebirth is more dangerous than hospital birth. Check out this article.

“My 3 tips for pregnancy, labor, birth & postpartum are: Eat beef liver or desiccated beef liver all pregnancy and postpartum. Invest in silverette nipple cups for nursing. Walk throughout pregnancy!”

After working with Kayla in the birth space, I can attest that you’ll have a midwife who’s not only knowledgeable but also fun, making your birth experience safe and memorable.

Midwife checking an intact placenta and umbilical cord. Home birth midwife photography Northern Colorado.

You can connect with Kayla at

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