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First Time Mama

Abby found out she was expecting pretty quickly after marrying the love of her life. She was mysteriously sick during their honeymoon cruise, and took a pregnancy test as soon as they returned home and – mystery solved – she was going to be a first time mama! Abby loved her growing belly and never felt better about herself (aside from morning sickness!)

Labor Begins

Abby’s labor began at 38 weeks with her water breaking at work. She wasn’t sure if it really was her water breaking or not, but her coworkers told her it was and to get outta there! She went home, grabbed some essentials, loved on her puppies, and then drove herself to the hospital. Her husband met her shortly after.

The Hard Part

Abby had an active 12-hour long labor, starting off slow and steady at first. When things got rough she attempted laughing gas, which was unsuccessful. That’s when she decided to get an epidural, which provided much needed relief and allowed her to rest. Abby says she doesn’t remember much about the pushing phase, but she does recall the very special moment she got to reach down to touch her sweet baby’s head as he was making his way into the world.

The New Little Guy

Weighing in at 5lbs 10oz, baby Jackson was finally here! Abby and her hubby, Damian, could not be more thrilled to be first time parents. Jackson tried to latch and breastfeed straight away! Proud and beaming with love, mom and dad spent lots of quality skin to skin time with Jackson during their stay at the hospital. Little guy required some assistance breastfeeding, and some time under the bili-lights for jaundice (which he was not a fan of!) They got through it together.

Why Birth Photography?

When I asked why she chose to have her birth documented, Abby said:

“Kylie being there through the end of the labor was amazing! She has kids of her own, so she was able to coach me through exercises and instructed my husband on ways he could help me. She was there for me and got some awesome shots along the way. I wanted to get my birth photographed because I always hear from people that they don’t always remember the experience. The time goes by so fast, and your baby is only so little for so long. I loved being able to capture those first moments. When I look back at the photos, I get that same adrenaline rush, and I feel so confident and proud of the baby my husband and I created. I love looking back at how much baby Jackson has changed from then to now!”

“Being a mom is one of the greatest things in the world. Not everything will be perfect, but looking back at my personal experience, the wonderful and happy moments outshine anything else. I am so thankful to have had each moment documented. Kylie did our announcement, maternity, birth/labor, lifestyle baby photoshoot (at 1 month), and our son’s 1 year photos. I am so grateful to have all of these photos to look back on for years to come. I will do this time and time again.

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