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We spent a grand total of 17 days in the NICU at the University of Colorado Anschutz following the birth of miss Eleyna. I’ll be honest, I had to really dig to write this post because those 17 days were a whirlwind of sleepless nights, 3 hour alarms, commuting to and from the NICU and […]

Our Stay in the NICU

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The day before I was scheduled to be induced I was given the go ahead to try to naturally induce my labor. I had been researching different *safe* methods for days and came up with a few that the doctors were okay with me trying. I had a plan… I was going to wake up, eat […]

Hospital Induction and The Birth of My 34 Week Daughter

My view of my feet on my hospital bed

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After my water broke prematurely at 32 weeks, I was sentenced to hospitalized bed rest.Because my water broke 8 weeks early, we had to be transferred to a level IV NICU, which just means they are more prepared for the tiniest of the tiny babies. The NICU we were transferred to is about 45 minutes away […]

My Experience With Hospitalized Bed Rest During My Third Pregnancy

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Today marks one year since the the whirlwind of events that happened leading up to bringing baby Eleyna into this world! One year ago today, my water broke unexpectedly at exactly 32 weeks – a full 8 weeks too early!  Both of my other births happened a little early; Sofie at 35.5 weeks and Raelie at 36.5 weeks, […]

Premature Rupture of Membranes aka My Water Broke!

Me at the hospital with my 32 week pregnant belly